Cure for Asthma

Cure for AsthmaAlthough science has not found a real cure for asthma, more and more people seem to develop asthma as a result of the increasing pollution and the higher range of allergens that surround us. Treatment includes a variety of options, both drugs and natural remedies. Yet, they all keep the condition under control since complete healing is not possible. Medical diagnosis and specialized health care recommendations are a necessity regardless if you feel more inclined to use a natural remedy than a drug.

Garlic has earned a reputation as a natural cure for asthma. Garlic is a very common way to treat asthma for two reasons. One, it is effective, and two, it can be found in just about anybody’s home. If you want to use garlic to get asthmatic relief, you need to boil about ten cloves in a quarter cup of milk, and drink this once a day. Do you think you could add a clove of garlic to your cup of tea? This method helps to soothe the throat, and can make breathing for you easier.

If you need fast asthma relief, you should drink apple cider vinegar. This ingredient has many benefits to the body, and is used to cure many things other than asthma. Apple cider vinegar fights allergies, acne and acid reflux, and it has other positive effects on your health. You should know that this ingredient is very strong, and most people will dilute it with water before they consume it.

But will a natural cure for asthma work? Many people have seen positive effects from using the methods above. Not any natural asthma remedy will work. But you might want to check with your doctor, or do some additional research before you decide on a method to relieve your asthma.

There are so many unknown factors related to asthma: science has not fully explained its cause, and it has not yet found a cure for it. If you’ve been diagnosed with this condition, you need to arm yourself with patience and learn as much as you can about the specificity of the condition, the treatments, the lifestyle changes required and so on. You may not find a cure for asthma, but you can keep it under control.

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